Friday, 30 December 2011

The British Are Back! ... And They've Got the Sniffles.

I hate being sick (surprise surprise), but luckily for me it doesn't happen too often - I seem to have a nack for avoiding even the most infectious bugs and snifflies in the crowded boarding school environment. Which is probably why I get so mightily ticked off when I do actually get ill. Especially when the thumping headache, spinning vision, sudden lack of brain functions and motor skills is coupled with whacked out temperature regulation and jet lag. I haven't slept properly in three nights. I woke up at midday this morning having gotten a grand total of five or six hours' sleep. Not a happy rabbit right now.

But never mind that - I've had a lovely Christmas, and I'm going to tell you all about that instead!

Now, follow my lead as I take you through a picture-infested guide to my trip to the US of A. Watch out Yanks, THE BRITISH ARE COMING ... AND WE HAVE CAMERAS!

First stop ... WASHINGTON DC!

The Lincoln Memorian (above and below)

The Washington Train Station 

The Capitol

(I have a million and one pictures of the Capitol - it was so awesome to photograph! I think I got a bit overenthusiastic, hee hee! These two are my favourites though, I think.)

The Washington Monument

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery

Taken at Arlington (forgotten what it's called exactly xP)

Arlington House

View of the graves at Arlington

Taken from the top of the Post Office tower!

The White House! :D

And then on to ... FLORIDA and KEY WEST!

Taken off a pier, just south of Miami on our way down to Key West

Pelican! :D

A horseshoe crab we found on a beach near Fort Daytona (or something like that)

Pretty things from the beach :)

(Tee hee, the car has eyelashes!)

The three above are pretty self-explanatory - the stripy t-shirted individual in the foreground on this last one is me!

Taken during the famous sunset at Key West

The famous Sloppy Joe's bar! A favourite haunt of Ernest Hemingway apparently


There are, of course, a thousand and a half more photos, and there were several places and activities where I was unable to or simply forgot to take pictures:

* Swimming with manatees
* Whizzing around Key West on a jet-ski
* Inside the Smithsonian Space Museum in Washington
* Christmas Day with the family

and loads more.

Subsequently, I shall probably do you another post tomorrow, with a few more pictures, and maybe an amusing story or two (because I have several to tell, believe me!) Comment below and ask me if you want to hear about anything in particular, because there's far too much for me to tell you absolutely everything. Besides, I'm too ill to try and force my poor brain to do anything too arduous today.

In the meantime, I'm going to go and get some more ibruprofen. Ciao for now!

- Charley R


  1. Oi! Get better soon! And I want to hear every single funny story you have to offer! :D :D :D

  2. ROFL! Um Spook, you were south of the Mason-Dixon line, The only Yanks you might have seen were troists fromt he norht (I ought to know, I'm a translplaneted Yank myself *giggles*)

    Anyway isn't the Smithsonian AWESOME?

    You need more captions on your pictures. I'm horrible with remembering things and all the monuments start to look alike. :} (Yes I know sad seeing as I am a Gosh Darn Yankee...)

    Anyway how about a request for your funniest moment?

    :} Cathryn

  3. Haha, funny stories coming right up for you guys - and captions for you too Cayla. As for "Yankee" - we use it as a term for Americans in general. No offence meant, we're just being British ;)

  4. You. Went. To. The. Smithsonian. :O That particular thing is actually on my bucket list. I officially hate you now. Just joking, obviously. But seriously: so jealous right now.

    Glad you had a good time! and hope you get better soon! x