Thursday, 16 February 2012

Interactive Post: Let's Play a Game!

Before we begin, I would like to make a few little announcements:
1 - Yes, this game is exceedingly daft.
2 - I am more than aware that it is extremely daft.
3 - I do not care that it is extremely daft
and 4 - Once you start playing, you'll see why statements 2 and 3 are so true.

1 - Thou shalt awaken thine magical singing device (Ye Olde Ray-dee-oh suffices just as well as the incomprehensible iPod)
2 - Thou shalt read and take careful note of the name that be given to the song thou art hearing.
3 - Thou shalt add the suffix "in my pants" to aforementioned name.
4 - Thou shalt indulge in shameless hysterics at the best results of these rules.

Oh, and a last addition from me:

5 - Thou shalt comment on this post with thine favourite results, and go forth and spread the lol-magics!

Now leading by example, here are some of my Distinctions:

The Plagues in my pants
The Final Countdown in my pants
The Beast of Pirate's Bay in my pants
The Bells of Notre Dame in my pants
Haunted in my pants
By the Sword in my pants

And, last of all, TOP THREE:

3)  No One Mourns the Wicked in my pants
2) Army of Justice in my pants
1) What Have I Done in my pants

Tee hee hee :3

Fear not, my friends, I shall be back to proper posts very soon. I'm just a little whacked out on painkillers and icepacks at the moments. My poor legs are suffering after several days of (relatively) high octane physical activity.

In the meantime, release your inner three year old!

- Charley R


  1. Ok. Daft game is actually quite entertaining.
    ("What Have I Done in my pants" - that has got to be the winner of everything.) Ok, the first four i got were:

    You Spin Me Round in my pants
    Let it Rock in my pants
    I Need You Now in my pants

    Dude in my pants

    I'm a little afraid to keep going XD

    1. I told you it was weirdly amusing!
      Hee hee, "I Need You Now in my pants" is pretty good, I must say!

  2. I shall have to comment when I get home.. If I can remember any of the tuens I hear on Lady Ex Em of Ray-De-Oh. *grin* I can not for the life of me think of the names of any of teh songs I heard this morning on the way to work.

    :} Cathryn
    P.S. I know have You Spin Me Round stuck in my head... {:

    1. Okay I dutifully recorded all the songs that played on the 80's channel as I drove home and we have:

      Mr. Roboto in my Pants
      Africa in my Pants
      Beds are Burning in my Pants
      Born in the USA in my Pants
      Someday in my Pants
      Sweet Dreams in my Pants
      The Glamourous Life in my Pants
      Shattered Dreams in my Pants
      Mickey in my Pants
      Money for Nothing in my Pants
      Be Near Me in my Pants
      Land of Confusion in my Pants

    2. The Glamourous Life In My Pants ... comedy gold, right there, LOLOLOL! xD

      I love "Land Of Confusion"! ... hee hee, the name doesn't sound quite so epic with that ending though, lol!

      Fab names there xD

  3. It works with book titles too. John Green and Maureen Johnson came up with it ages ago - any book sounds more interesting with 'In Your Pants' added to the end. Though fantasy novels have a tendency to come out sounding rather dirty.

    Just going to do this with Windows Media Player & one of my editing playlists...

    The Doctor Is Dying In Your Pants (Chameleon Circuit)
    Nights Become Days In Your Pants (Frank Turner)
    I Want It All In Your Pants (Queen)
    Once We Were Anarchists In Your Pants (Frank Turner)

    Yeah, I see what you mean...

    1. The first one is just plain creepy ... but the Queen one just owns it all! *rolls about on the floor gasping for breath* xD

    2. I don't want the Doctor to die in my pants! Lol, yeah, that was a good one.

    3. I don't want him to die anywhere ... ESPECIALLY not my pants!

      Also ... CAPTCHA is gone now *grins*

  4. Okay, here are the first few songs that played after I read your post.

    Matinee in my pants!
    All Will be Well in my pants!
    Golden Slumbers in my pants!
    Spell in my pants!
    Shattered in my pants!
    Ever The Same in my pants!

    Bahahahaha. I like the first one, sounds like a party invitation. Not that I would ever HOST a matinee in my pants of course...

    1. Personally, I love the second one, hee hee!
      I concur on the party front .... unless you had REALLY big trousers. Or had invited Johnny Depp *grins and blushes*

      Hee hee :)

  5. *wandering through old posts on this blog*

    Fire And Blood in my pants
    Melody Pond in my pants
    Hope And Memory in my pants
    May It Be in my pants

    Mmmmphhhhhgggg *trying very hard not to laugh* I put on my fantasy playlist!