Saturday, 3 March 2012

Of Cookery and Crowd-Pleasing

Today has been a good day for me. For a start, I actually managed to sleep - something I haven't done properly for several days, due to a combination of stress, noisy neighbours, the tail-end effects of a fever and some seriously whacked out dreams - one of which involved Benedict Cumberbatch teaching me Quantum Physics on the Mobius Strip while he was wearing the Fourth Doctor's scarf. The ultimate nerdy dream, if only I didn't reserve a particular hatred for Physics and have never watched Sherlock...

But, with a good start like that, it was no wonder that my day's been rather good. No pressing homework needs over the weekend, handed in the first draft of my English coursework (something that's been irritating me for weeks), and - for once - not had too much pressing homework over the weekend.

Which, at long last, allowed me to start drafting the beginning of my trilogy rewrite. I have multiple ideas of how I could start it, but today I took one of those ideas and ran with it. Words could not describe the general weirdness of being back in the world I have been out of for so long. Despite the changes I've made to it, it was like walking into a house you used to live in as a kid and discovering how easy it is just to imagine it's all yours again.

But enough soppy sentimental stuff - the main reason I'm here today is to ask a very important question.

What do you want to see on my blog?

For you old timers, you know I do a lot of random stuff when the mood takes me; I find you entertaining videos, pictures and animated gifs, I do rambles about music, I post my poetry, even an extract from my stories every now and again, and I've started my new writerly tips series.

But, what I want to know is, what do you guys want to see more of? If my poetry and story extracts are rubbish, I won't bother with them. If you think me finding idiotic pictures is a waste of my time, I'll stop that too. Or maybe you'd prefer a change in the way I do my posts? Would you like more pictures in the posts? Would you like me to post more or less than I do? Would you like me to start typing in Klingon or Quenya?

You get the idea. Let me know what you want in the comments!

And now, to celebrate my particularly happy day, here is a cut scene from my favourite movies (and, for that matter, books) of all time. Though it's hard to build on perfection, I seriously wish the moviemakers had kept this scene in Return of the King.


  1. I personally like your writerly tips although they make me feel like my blog posts should be more meaningful, and stuff. (I also don't think that clichés are as much of a problem as you seemed to thing.)

    I would like to see more 'personal' posts - even if you talk about boarding school and stuff on the St Mall's blog, I'm sure there are people here who'd like to hear about it! We'd like to know more about you as a person, about your non-writerly interests. Tell us about CCF and teaching teenage boys to shoot guns and concerts that terrify you and what you do when you're not at school.

    (Also you repeated yourself when talking about not having too much homework, so I'd look out for that.)

    Plus, I'm SO jealous of that dream. Want.

    1. Whoopsie .... I wrote this post on a bit of a Sprite-induced high, so that might be the reason, lol!

      Thanks for getting back to me - I'll keep it all in mind. Talking about CCF and my personal stuff shouldn't be too hard - I can even arrange some piccies at some stage, I'm sure. That might be funny :P

      Really? Hehe, if only I could have recorded it and sent it to you ... though it might not have made much sense, as it was one of those fever-induced dreams that whirls about in all directions. Was still pretty funny though xD

    2. Oops, *think not thing.
      Also, that stew looks RANK. I expected him to say, "Well... it's hot."

    3. Poor guy indeed - though I can't help but snort-giggle when he ends up tipping it all over his leg while trying to dispose of it. Should have taken the hint - if GIMLI says no, then you REALLY shouldn't eat it xD

  2. At least that scene is in the Extended Edition! :) I consider the theatrical versions rubbish, anyway.... xD

    But back to the point. What do I want to see on your lil' ole blog? Well, I find your writing tips to be VERY informative as well as highly entertaining. Also, maybe more interactive things with your characters? Those are probably some of my favorite posts of yours.

    And I NEVER consider funny pictures a waste of time. At least.... if it IS a waste, I enjoyed wasting it, so there. :]

    However, I am ready to laugh, cry, and generally participate in whatever randomness or awesomeness you feel like posting. Truly! :)

    [Oh, and maybe some excerpts would be nice.... :D :D :D]

    1. And also, I am very much glad you are feeling better! <3

    2. Thanks very much for replying! I totallly need to get my grubby paws on the Extended Editions somehow ... needs the moneh! xP

      I'm glad everyone seems to like my writerly tips thus far. I'd be more than happy to do some character interaction thingies too - it's so much fun, and way too easy when they're as vocal as mine, bahaha!

      Once again, thanks for replying :D

  3. Hm... I agree with both Miriam and The Director's ideas. *giggle fits* You get your characters talking and mine aren't likely to be far behind! Though, for myself I'd skip on the amusing videos and pictures unless they fit with what you're writing about (kind of like what I've been doing)

    Oh and a blog schedule... I'm never sure when to expect a post here. For us busy folks it really helps to know when we can expect to see a blog so we can make sure to get to it. :}

    Oh and the Map for Cumnor and Videra.....I've worked out some brilliant things on it. I'll e-mail you in a bit (if I get time today - my weekends are now shot as the kids no longer take naps).

    :} Cathryn / Elorithryn

    1. *nodnod* I think I concur - I just like to tack videos on the ends of posts that, otherwise, would be little more than my pointless update-rambling-ness.

      Now I shall work on a blogging schedule ... let me think about this one xP

      Oooh, exciting! I look forward to seeing it! :D

  4. Haha, aren't dreams just the weirdest things? I should get back into the habit of writing mine's always fun when you can remember them. Unless they're the kind of nightmare that lingers around you all day or longer...ugh, I hate those!

    I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well, but glad that you're feeling better and had a good day. It sounds like you'll be enjoying the revision of your trilogy...I can understand that! I'm getting back into The Sandcastle's Way after several months, and I'm still pretty excited about it. :) Have a blast with it!

    Also, as for your blog...I only just started following, so I'm not terribly familiar with all of your post subjects. However, I think a lot of my favorite blogs are the ones that mix things up! You know, do a post on writing here and a random post on whatever there. From what I've seen of your blog, it's a great mix of writing and funny photos and interesting posts - and I think it's great! Whatever you decide to write about, I'm sure I'll enjoy it...well, unless you type it in Quenya. It would be hard to enjoy something I didn't understand. xD

    Also, that scene is epic! I got all the LOTR extended editions for Christmas, and we only just finished watching the trilogy the other night. I loved all of the new scenes scattered throughout, it made it such fun to watch!

    1. Ugh, dont' talk to me about nightmares. I have waaaaaaay too many to be healthy :P

      I will do! I'm thoroughly enjoying myself meeting all the old characters - I could have sworn I almost missed them! I bet they didn't miss me though, bahaha xD

      A good point - and thanks for chipping in, I really appreciate it!

      I really need to get hold of the E.E. for LOTR ... I feel I"m missing out on things by not seeing all the additional scenes :(

    2. Hehe, I know the feeling. Non-writers must think we're extremely strange, but it's definitely possible and even likely that you'll come to miss your characters if you leave them on their own for too long. ;) Coming back to The Sandcastle's Way, I felt quite a lot of affection for Elli and Finn, haha! I'm so happy to be working with them again. Though they might not agree, since I plan on adding a bunch more conflict in draft two... Here's to making things tough for our characters! xD

      And yes, definitely get the extended editions if you have the chance. It's almost like watching a new movie; there are so many extended and even brand-new scenes and clips stuck in. Like that one with Aragorn and Eowyn. :) It took awhile, but I'm glad I finally got the E.E.!

    3. I will have this E.E. if I have to trek to Mount Doom and back to get it! And Sauron had better beware my pepper spray if he seeks to get in my way ... *menacing look*

      Hehehe, abusing characters is the best pursuit ever for authors. Well, nasty ones anyway. Most of my friends think I must have repressed sadistic tendencies, or have been a mass murderer in a past life xD

    4. The thing is, you can totally justify creating conflicts for characters. Because who wants to read a boring book? ;) And hey, if you really were a mass murderer in a past life, at least this time around you're writing books instead of going out and murdering innocent people. I'd say that's a bit better. xD

    5. LOL, I concur on both counts there! xD

  5. Like everybody else has said, your writing tips are very useful - definitely continue with those.

    Now, as a new reader I'm not entirely sure if I'm overstepping by saying this, but what made me start following you was just your general quirkiness. You tend to make quite meaningful blog posts, and then you end it with your plans for world domination.

    It's that mixture of serious and witty, that kept me coming back here for a few days, before deciding that: Yes, this girl is awesome. I must become one of her minions.

    I'm not entirely sure what my point was supposed to be anymore... but, yeah... hi? Lets go with that.

    1. Helloooooo! Welcome to the Tower! Here, take a swivelly chair and help yourself to cookies. Courtesy of the Dark Side ;)

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment - it really means a lot to me. I'm very glad my style appeals to you, and now I know it works, you can guarantee it'll probably stick, and I will never shut up. Mwua ha ha ha ha :P

      Oh, and ..... hi!!! :)

  6. I want you to watch Sherlock. :)

    I don't have any suggestions at the moment (other than blog about things you love) but I think your posts are hilarious and you should definitely keep it up.

  7. I have to agree with Miriam Forster here, Charley. You need to watch Sherlock. Why have you not seen it yet? :O

    Personally, i like all of your posts. I know you don't always get a comment from me on all of your posts, and i tend to disappear for weeks on end... but they do all get read XD

    1. Haha, i'm going to steal the first series off my friend, then catch up on the others at some stage - only three eps per series shouldn't be hard to keep up with! I've been told many times that I need to watch Sherlock ... from what I've seen of quotes and images, I think I do too now, haha!

      Aww, thank you! Then, as per your request, posting shall continue ;)