Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Surrender! Your Crépes or Your Life!

Step aside, D'Artagnan, there's a new musketeer in town! As of Friday, I - along with my oh-so-awesome history class and our two amazing teachers - will be getting up at some god-forsaken hour of the early morning to jump aboard the Eurostar and make our way to ... PARIS!

Studying 16th Century France definitely has its perks. Especially as it means we worm our way out of a weekend that - whether we had wanted to go home or not - would have been spent on Dartmoor in the driving wind and rain.

The Duke of Edinburgh co-ordinator may hate my guts forevermore, but I don't care. I shall be happily sitting beneath wonderful Parisian architecture, smiling smugly over my sunglasses and eating my bodyweight in croissant, smelly cheese and escargot (which, contrary to popular belief, is actually exceedingly tasty).

Unfortunately, dear readers, this does mean you will be without me for a few days - I'm off to London to listen to David Starkey lecturing on Henry VIII tomorrow, and Thursday will be working, packing, and leaping into vats of cold chlorinated water in a bid to improve my physique before the easter holidays.

But, the good news is that I will doubtless come back with pictures. And - judging by my past luck with our darling Froggie pals across the Channel - some entertaining stories. I managed to near-decapitate a French mayor on my last skiing trip in Termignon ... let's see what sort of mischief I can get into this time, eh?

Try not to miss me too much ;)

- Charley R

P.S. Did I mention I can't speak French?


  1. I wish I had had the energy to do DoE when I was still in school.

    Have fun in Paris!

    1. Hehe, meanwhile doing it is one of the biggest stresses of my existence. The planning is the worst part - you just want to get out and do it, but no, you have to sit there and watch the hills rise and plot your incoming misery xP

      Will do! I'm so giddily excited it's silly, hee hee :)

  2. Bonjour My Friend... wait that's welcome not good bye um... A'Revoui... or however it's spelled?

    YOu know I will miss you, but maybe it'll make me stop working on our map so I can keep up with Miriam's critique. :} *giggles* Naw...

    You have fun! Gosh it must be awesome to live in a part of the world where country hoping is a short flight... short flight to Canada or Mexico but anywhere else and you're putting in at least six hours. Crzay when yourealize that's how long it takes to get form one side of our county to the other... and that doens't even get you to Hawaii! :}

    Oh, if you see a Unicorn, please take a picture of it for me. :}

    *giggles8 And frines*
    Your Friend Cathryn :}
    *te he he*

    1. Tee hee, any unicorn sightings will be duly reported, I promise! Puny little Europe has its advantages for travel, I tell ya ;)

      Au revoir indeed! (just looked that up on Google xD)

    2. *giggles* I had all the right letters, just not in the right places.

      I will dully appreciate any unicorn siting reports you send my way. Time to start re-collecting them. *grins*

  3. For a second I thought you were in France already and freaked out because I was texting you - my mobile bill is high enough as it is and I'm skint! :D

    Also, is it really going to be that sunny at this time of year?

    And you were in London?! If I'd known I would have gone and lurked near these lectures and then when you walked out I would have leaped on you in a manic fashion, probably terrifying whoever was chaperoning you ;D Sigh... it seems we are doomed to come close but never meet. (But the summer! The summer will happen, with the Sherlock and the Caitlin!)

    1. Hehe, no worries, I'm off on Friday.

      Yup, I looked up the weather forecast - supposedly sunny, but freezing cold. Much like the French themselves *grins* I joke I joke ... they just don't seem to like Brits much. And the weatherman might have lied... *suspicious eyes*

      YES! I shall talk to my mothra about it when I come back after Paris, methinks. Will also be taking St Mall's with me in notebook form so I can make use of all that time we're going to spend travelling xD

  4. Wow, sounds like you're in for an awesome trip! I'll do my utmost not to miss you too much, but I can't promise anything. ;) Just...try not to decapitate anyone, 'kay? I don't think that would look very nice in the trip-summary blog post I expect to see. xD