Saturday, 16 June 2012

St Mallory's Cover Reveal, and Charley's Weekend Missions

Weekends are every teenager's hallowed days - even if we do live at school. Though we do have classes on Saturday morning (three 55 minute periods, though it depends whether you have a lesson in all of them), we are still left with a day and a half to clear up the things that have been buried beneath our ever-mounting piles of unfinished homework, unsent letters to home, and laundry that hasn't quite found its way to the washing machine.

And so, this weekend, I've made it my mission to sort out all the little things that have been biting at my toes. It's bad enough that my Father's Day card is going to arrive late, but I'll bash myself over the head with a damp fish if I let anything else go awry this early in the last half of term.

Thus, my mission list runs as follows:

  • Send Father's Day card.
  • Raid university prospectuses and online sites to choose the final university that I will be applying to this summer.
  • Get multiple forms signed by the appropriate authority figures.
  • Further research for my Extended Essay.
  • Get to work on the poem and one-act play that I need to conjure up in order to enter a pair of competitions.
  • Fill in UCAS account and start work on Personal Statment in order not to make a mess of the aforementioned university applications.
  • Watch Thor with my housemates. Do best not to sob too much.
It's hardly an arduous list, I know, but after digging my way throught half the internet looking for symbolic meaning in a portrait of Elizabeth I for history - unsuccessfully, I might add - I know I've got to get them done before anything else creeps up behind me.

Also, before I go, you may note that the topmost image on the right-hand sidebar of this blog has changed. Although Miriam and I are both still embroiled in school, her GCSE exams will soon be over and that means we can finally make the last push to finish off St Mallory's Forever! , edit it up and get it sent out to all you lovely people! 

Clicking on the image will take you through to St Malls' official blog, where you can find out all about the authors, a bit of story background, and several informative posts by Miriam and myself about boarding school, progress on the novel, and an attack by a marauding Norse god.

Oh, and here's a picture of the cover in big version. So you can all dribble and make excited noises appropriately.

Fare thee well, readers! I shall see you on Tuesday - have a lovely weekend!

~ Charley R


  1. What unis are you applying to? My sister is currently going through the torturous process, she swings between "I will DIE if I don't go to Oxford!" and "Whaaaaa I could never get into Oxford!"

    1. Oxford (LAWL!), York, Durham, Exeter ... and I don't have my fifth yet :P
      Poor sister. I feel her pain.

  2. That is a simply gorgeous cover! *dribbles and makes excited noises*

  3. Can't wait can't wait can't wait! *grins*

    And good luck on the college application thing - may it be easier than not crying at the end of Thor! :}

    1. I didn't this time! .... I was on the verge of it, but I didn't. Just.

      Hehe, I got completely distracted from most of these jobs today. Tomorrow is going to be a weirdly productive Sunday by the look of it :P

  4. Erm... one of the universities you're applying for... yeah, it's in my city. The campus is literally about 15 minutes from my house.


    1. Oh, and of course good luck with the applications!

    2. LOL, LETSGOWITHBOTH indeed! Depending if I get into any of them ... darp xP

    3. IF I can get into 2 without putting in much effort at all, then I'm sure you can get into both. Not like I hear you complaining about actually failing classes, you just think you fail exams (but you do't right? You do score decent marks?) *hugs*



    4. Heh, the target grades for these Unis are INSANELY HIGH. I do try very hard, but I'm up against some seriously scary competition ... gah. We shall see what happens. I'm sure there's a place for me in the circus if all goes wrong :P

    5. Cathryn (I'm never sure what to call you, you know :P) has a point. You seem to work your butt off when it comes to school.

      When it comes to... shall we say "ambitious" things... you strike me as somebody that's quite stubborn and determind. In a good way. You know the "sets her sight upon something, and is bloody well going to get it" sort of person XD

      You'll be fine. The college administrators will notice your obvious brilliance (albeit, evil tendencies) you'll then graduate from said fabulous university... and at the end of it all, we all get to say "Charley Robson? Yes, she was always very odd." when you become all famous and shit :P


    6. Haha, I totally hope your right ... I wonder if I can put "evil tendencies" as part of my credentials on my UCAS application xD

    7. Spirit, I make it a habit to have as many confusing names as possible you know. *grins*

      No no "evil tendancies" will not do how about putting down that you are a "capable mastermind" instead? Let them find out about the evilness After you've been given the diploma. :}

    8. Well, it's good to confuse people. It keeps them on their toes, haha! Plus if it makes you feel any better, you've just given ME a new name XD
      Nobody has ever called me "Spirit" before... which is weird, when you think about it, as that's the main part of the username...

      I like the "capable mastermind" That's a good one. Charley, do you reckon you can hide your evilness until you graduate? ;P

    9. Bwua ha ha, until I graduate? Until they accept me and can't get rid of me, more like! And yes, "capable mastermind" is going in there somewhere .. now if only I could start the bloody personal statement and work out how to get it in there xD

  5. *grins* glad to be of service Spirit. Sometimes I'm even cofused myself. *giggles*

    Perosonal statement eh? got an example? maybe we can put our creative minds together and come up with something. the probalem is no one wnats you to be overly creative in your applications...

    Sometimes being an adult and having to conform to keep jobs and what not, can suck. :} But then you're at least used to wearing uniforms - I finally got the means to express myself in clothing and I have to contain it within what's considered acceptable 'business' dress. Bleh... :}

  6. Yay the cover is finally on your blog :D

    (Though tbh I'm not sure I ever put it on mine, ha ha. Oh well!)

  7. Hooray covers! And that one is adorable! I love the super-sassyness of it.

    Congrats guys!