Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Toujou Blog Award!

The fact that I can hardly spell the award is a bad omen, non?

I know I'm one of those bloggers who is mostly sworn off awards for the time they take up, but at the moment I'm ridiculously pressed for time, so I thought one of these might be fun for you all.

I hath been giftified this little lovely from Seana J. Vixen (whose name is almost as hard to spell for me as the award itself - curses!). Thankfully, by the gift of Copy and Paste, the rules aren't going to give me such grief:

The Rules:

1. If tagged you must tag five others, giving each a quick sentence as to why you ALWAYS read their posts, and tell them that you've tagged them.

2. If tagged you must post your five favorite words. I know, I know, most people do facts, but facts are hard to think of so...

3. If and only if you want to/can be bothered to/have time to you can put up five questions for the people you've tagged. If and only if you want to/can be bothered to/have time to you can ANSWER the five questions your tagger set. If you want to answer questions but your tagger left none, answer your own questions :)

Hmm. Fascinating.

Let's give this a go then:


1 - Cathryn Leigh - Both on an off-line, she's one of my bestest friends-I-haven't-met-yet. We talk about everything, we laugh about everything, and even the figments of our imagination have started uniting in order to dispose of us when we're not looking. She's awesome. 

2 - Liam (who hates awards and will probably kill me)- You name it, the man can make it funny. Shopping lists, instruction manuals, even the ingredients list on a can of tuna. His Phils series, which he posts on his blog, are simply fantastic.

3 - The Notebook Sisters - I'm not sure I can nominate them separately, but if I could I wouldn't want to have to choose. As bookish blogs go, theirs is one of my absolute favourites. Fantastic reviews, and awesomesauce link-ups, are a bonus.

4 - Miriam Joy - My incredibly awesome and over-commited co-author. She puts me to shame on her writerly productivity, and how deep and meaningful and awesome and well organised her posts are. Go look. You will not regret it.

5 - The Director - I always get incredibly happy when I see a post of hers, because I know it is going to be brilliant. She even let me read through an early draft of her novel (which I loved) and is sending me a package (which I have yet to receive, but am still ridiculously excited for). I love this girl. So much.


This is a ridiculously hard one for me to do, as I tend to have new words every other week as I learn new ones and mindblank on blatantly obvious ones, but here are my current favourites.

1 - Merrily (stick it in front of anything and it makes it ten times more fun.)

2 - Havoc (I blame too much Shakespeare for this.)

3 - Breach (Shakespeare again . . .)

4 - Sesquipedontist (means "a person who uses long words". Wonderfully self-descriptive this.)

5 - Tangerine (just . . . tangerine.)

Quiz Me!

Seana didn't make any new questions for her blog, so I just stole hers. Because I do what I want.

1. Which fictional character do you think you're most like?
Emilia, from Shakespeare's "Othello". She's a tough girl, and bitingly witty at times, but even she can be too soft-hearted and trusting for her own sake . . . especially when it comes to her husband . . .

I'm hoping I'll make a better choice in marriage, though.

2. What is your guilty pleasure?
I dance around the house singing Disney songs when I'm home alone. "Be Prepared" from "The Lion King" is currently top of the proverbial pops.

3. Name your three utter essentials.
Books. iPod. Internet access.

All for obvious reasons.

4. Which famous person would you most want to kiss?
Tom Hiddleston. Without a doubt.
He was the best Prince Hal I have ever seen. And you all know what I'm like about Loki.
And he's absolutely adorably sweet in real life.
How could I resist those gorgeous eyes?

5. What would be the best ever present?
People emailing me to tell me how much they enjoy the books I write. Possibly pestering me for more.

The End! I hope you've enjoyed this - or, at least, enjoyed ignoring it, if not. Aside from the font mangling, I certainly enjoyed myself, haha!

~ Charley


  1. Wait, my posts are meaningful and organised? EHEHEHEHE!

    *collapses in Hiddles giggles* (Which is totally what I am calling 'ehehe' now)

    1. Hiddles giggles. Headcanon accepted :D

      Haha, they look it to me . . . though my judgement may not be considered the most sound by some xD

  2. Oh wow! Nominated!! :D My, aren't we special... :] Well, I'm really encouraged that you like our book reviews. And I'm over-the-moon that you like our LinkUPs!! :) Thanks!

    1. Nothing more than you deserve, my fine friend *grins*


  3. I'll accept the award. I'll even be ridiculously happy about it and not kill you yet, just because of that wonderful description. I'd love to answer that first quiz question-- but not the fourth. Can you give me another one, or must I struggle through?

    1. Oh my! Hehe, enjoy the award!

      As for your fourth question - of course you can have another one. How about this:

      "If stuck on a desert island, and given a choice of a pointy stick, an automatic rifle with only one bullet, and a talking goldfish, which of these would you choose to help you get off?"

      Enjoy ;)

    2. Thanks, but I stuck with the other one... I just refused to answer. That post goes up now.

    3. Ah, you're no fun! Gonna go read the post anyway ;)

  4. Double nominated huh? Well I suppose I shall design to play. :} (Especially as I've already spent more tiem than I should have working on it.) Ah well it makes for an easy post after the vacation, that I shall hope to actually post about, if we get some good photos.

    One to my continuing to catch up! :}

    1. Hehehe, I hope you enjoy it! It's a rather fun post :)

  5. I'm glad to see that this award (which I created ~flips hair~) is trekking on through cyberspace! :D

    1. Trekking? Hehehe, it's practicallly hijacked the whole freaking Enterprise! xD