Saturday, 22 December 2012


I thought this blog needed a festive touch. And as, unlike Wordpress, I cannot make the little snowflakes fall from the top of the blog (not that I could even if I did try with Wordpress), I got you a picture of my Christmas tree instead.

It's been a big year here at the Tower. 60 followers, the start of the Writerly Tips and Book Review posts, a hectic NaNoWriMo, and the cover reveal of St Mallory's Forever!

And the apocalypse, of course. Can't forget that.

Next year, though, promises to be even bigger and better. Not in the least because the aforementioned bookie-wook is due to be published for realz early in 2013.

And then there'll be leaving school. Going to university.

Doubtless I'll still be here blogging about it. Or neglecting to blog about it. Or blogging about other things, and then realising I blogged about the wrong thing. Who knows.

Next Tuesday is Christmas Day itself, so I'm afraid this will be my last post this side of the big day.

In lieu of this, I'll take the opportunity to say how lovely it is to have had you all this year; old scallywags and new landlubbers alike. I'd been a pleasure meeting and conversing with you all, and seeing all your lovely comments. I'm glad my posts bring some joy to you, because you guys bring so much joy to me.

Merry Christmas, minions.

~ Charley R


  1. Minions?!?! That's it. I'm leaving...

    Nice christmas tree, by the way. And are we going back in time!!?! (You to be published in early *2012*, maybe meaning 2013? Or I could be reading backwards, since that is my speciality).
    Merry christmas to you too...minion. (Na!)

    1. You and your fellow followers have been entitled "Minons!" in the Followers bar since I started this blog, you know. Dearie me, little Australian, you ought to have caught on to my craftiness by now. Unless my adorable accent fooled you, MWUA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

      Fun fact: "minion" was a term of affection towards a loved one up to as late as Elizabethan England. Othello addresses his wife Desdemona as such (ironically, in context) in Shakespeare's "Othello".

      As for time travelling, I'm afraid not dear one. Maybe once I get that vortex manipulator to stop turning my test subjects into lemons.

    2. Lemons? Gulp. Definitely hold off on the time travel for a while...

      Oh. My. Gosh. I just realized I sold myself as a minion by following your blog! I'm DOOMED! (It was SO the accent that fooled me. Yep.) Clever, Charley R. Very clever. Full points and christmas cake all round! Do we get minion matching shirts? Hats? Bananas?


      Sorry. Momentary relapse.

      Oh, you do, you do! I'm having them produced by my tame sewing machines right now. Jackets, awesome boots, and little capes. The capes are my favourite.
      You can have a banana if you like, but only if you keep it away from other minions who may be allergic.

    4. NO CAPES! Haven't you heard the dangers of CAPES?! I'll pass on the cape, thank you very much! But... do we get droopy sleeves? Then I might agree to the cape.

      And I'm looking forward to this book, by the way. I have a feeling I will become a more devoted minion for reading it.

    5. Of course you do! And that's what the jacket is for - those who object to capes can wear the jacket instead. And no fear, the uniforms are epic. No silly outfits or unfeasible bits. You can have the cape for special occasions, of course.

      Edna taught me all the dangers of capes while I had her design the uniforms ;)

      Ehehehe, I hope you will! We're doing more edits as I type this *excited*

  2. I was fine until the last word. I shall never be your minion. Co-ruler, perhaps, but never minion.

    Merry Christmas to you, my co-ruler.

    1. Ah, yes, I shall make an allowance for you. Merry Christmas, co-ruler / nemesis.
      Fascinating combination we've got going there.

    2. Indeed, indeed.

      It seems most people have an objection to being called minions, but none have such a claim as mine. Ha.

  3. I nominated you for a blogging award, if you want it, O Great Onion of Evil. :)

  4. Liam may be your co-ruler, but I am the true source of your power, lurking here in the background with my magic... and one day I shall take it all back!