Thursday, 20 December 2012

It's Not the End of The World Now Darlin' . . .

But I can see it from heeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

Whee, apocalypse time! These things are always quite entertaining. Remember the Rapture in May last year? I bet you all do.

Nothing compared to 1666, though. I tell you that was hilarious. Especially when the fire turned up. Oh, you should have seen their faces!

And what better way to celebrate the end of the world than with some cracking good songs!

Lostprophets - It's Not the End of the World (But I Can See It From Here)

R.E.M - It's The End of The World (And I Feel Fine)

Nightwish - End of All Hope

And, of course, how could I ever forgive myself if I forgot . . .

Europe - The Final Countdown

Ah, it's going to be a fun few hours, isn't it? Me, I'll be taking to the sky with a bucket of popcorn to watch the fun. Mortals have such a marvellous way of being hilarious when they're at their most panicked.

Sorry, I shouldn't poke fun. If it's the real deal this time, I might just have time to laugh at the burning irony before my atoms are dissolved into oblivion along with the rest of creation.

What about you, dear readers? Feel free to add your own favourite apocalypse tunes to the list via a comment. Or, better yet, tell me where's the best place to go for the funniest panicked swams.

See you on the other side! Maybe.

~ Charley R


  1. Yay! Another end of the world! This time, maybe I'll pay attention and not get absorbed into my daily happenings so I actually remember to LOOK up when it's supposed to be happening. I do love the billboards that say we're all going to die though. So much holiday cheer! (PS everyone knows the Mayans were counting down to the Hobbit!)

    Happy World's End! (Can I have some of that popcorn?)

    1. No apocalypse here. Worst Germany's had is a burnt schnitzel and some inconvenient snow. How's Aussie holding up? ;)

  2. Happy End of the World. I think I shall have some hot chocolate and whipped cream to celebrate.

    1. Share it when the demons pop up from hell for a cup of tea, eh?

  3. Awesomeness points awarded for the Final Countdown! I play that song on November 29th during NaNoWriMo :P

    And for me, the end of the world happens every other Friday, so this is completely normal for me :D

    1. Haha, I'm glad. I love watching apocalypses. Not in the least because my . . . erm . . . interesting existential state means that I can get out of most of them unscathed.

      Couple of raptures have left some singed toes, though. That wasn't nice.

      Hahahaha, MASSIVE kudos for the use of the Finale Countdown during NaNo. I'm usually over 50k by then, so it's not half as fun panicking on the 29th :P

  4. I had an apocalypse party. Apocaparty, even. It was awesome.