Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Project For Awesome - Vote, Vote, Vote!

Charley is a bad human being.

Not only has she single-handedly slept through half a day, bludgeoned (unintentionally) at least three shoppers with her bags, and somehow failed to get Christmas cards to send to her family members for the seventeenth year running, she has also forgotten how lucky she is.

Lucky for everything. Lucky for her family, her friends, her education, running water, safety.

Lucky for her freedom.

My school is very big on charity projects - we donate the collection from our school services to charities, and we do bake-ins and mufty days galore, as well as mad individuals who do things like run the London marathon in flippers.

But me personally?

I'd love to, but for some reason it never happens. Maybe it's because I'm always distracted, or maybe it's because I never hear about events until it's too late. My fault for not looking, really. Bad Charley is bad.

However, personal flagellation aside, not all people are as terrible as I am. Which is exactly why I want you to go and watch this video right now.

This video.


There are so many worthy causes in the world, and I like to think there are also enough people to help many of them.

So go. Go vote, and help make a difference to the world. Vote for Miriam's video here - it's for Stop the Traffik!, but she'll tell you all about that herself - or find another! Make your own! Or if you feel this deadline is a little short for you to do that, go and find another cause to support! Make it part of your New Year's resolution, or give a Christmas donation!

I know I'm a right hypocrite to be harping on at you like this when I've not done anything myself, but I like to think most of you are more organised than I am.

And if any of YOU have made a Project for Awesome video, leave a link in the comments!

~ Charley R


  1. Hm... It seems to have regestared my vote already... I shall have to try voting from a different computer *te he he*

    But - I'm like you - I think I just get paralized by the number of good charities I could support that I can't decide which one to support.

    1. Likewise. Perhaps we should have some sort of rotation system - get them all lined up, and donate to them one by one as you go through the year?

  2. Haha. Bad, Charley. Bad.

    Aw, I can't believe that. Sweet, little Charley.

    That's better. *_*

    1. Am bad Charley. Am also sort of little, in comparison to my family (but not that little in general sense). Am swee when dipped in honey, ehehehehe!

  3. I need to vote on a different computer, I think...

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