Thursday, 31 January 2013

Charley vs The World

Note to self: attempting to fortify the underside of one's desk really isn't the best way to deal with an ever-mounting pile of schoolwork. Even if it is hugely entertaining when the cleaner jumps at the sound of your seemingly disembodied voice.

You guessed it - Charley is, once again, lost in the Slough of Despond, which is the second turn to the left after you pass the Pits of Unending Exhaution, and just up the road from Deadlines That All Come On The Same Day.

Workload . . . . what did I ever do to you that you must thus abuse me?

With my A2 exams coming up in early June, the cosmos has taken a considerable turn for the busy with deadlines for coursework, university selection, and extended essay presentations running face first into the wall of International Fairs, debating competitions, and the fact that I feel the need to comfort any sad person within striking range. And believe me, there are a lot of those in my immediate vicinity right now.

Nothing like cuddling the bereaved to remind you how insignificant your own troubles are.

That said, I'm going to put my tattered and long-since disgarded resolution to be more productive into action this week, if only to save what's left of my ever-shrinking sanity. As a result, unfortunately, extended periods of blogging will not be permitted. Thus, I may end up missing a day or two in the blogosphere (though hopefully my inner OCD, not to mention automatic Work Avoidance Instinct will at least encourage me to be productive enough to post something for you).

Wish me luck. I'm certainly going to need it.

~ Charley R


  1. Homework.


    Teachers take homework as an opportunity to foist extra pages upon you, with a careless, "Oh, and that vocabulary from page 32 - just a little in-class text tomorrow" flung over their shoulder just as you thought you were safe and the promise of the bell is only moments away. *sigh* Life can suck.

    1. Ha, I wish it were still that simple. So much of it is time-consuming essays, and even more of it is coursework (which I hate with a vengeance due to my eternal lack of certainty over how well I did it and inability to leave it alone after the 35th round of edits).

      Guh. And if teachers hate marking so much, why do they give us work that they are required to mark?

      Madness, madness it is! xD

  2. *hugs from across the pond! You can do it my dear. But as the weather gets warm and the end grows nigh wathc out!

    There is a beast that lurks andis the bane of all those who want to finish and be don. He goes by the anem of Senioritis, in these parts. And he will grip you with the urge to be anywhere but where you need to be, detramental to all grades, rules and what have yous.


    *Flutters off like a ghostly presence before zooming back with a giggle*

    Good luck I tell you. Just remember, if you can publish a book at 17 you can do anything! I's so proud of youz *sniffles* :}

    1. N'aww, thank you. I'm feeling much more on top of things now, so I think I can slay this terrible beast without too much difficulty (Fate, don't you dare bite me in the butt on this!).

      Thank you so much for the support though *hugs*

  3. There are some things in life the point of whose existence I cannot fathom - and homework is one of them. Right now I am (or should be) engaged in writing a persuasive essay on feminism. However, the England Scotland game is at four and I just don't really want to be writing about Suffrage right now. This problem could be solved by the abolition of said homework - if that happened we'd all be healthier, happier, nicer and probably prettier too, less tired, more productive on the art, writing and blogging front and able to read more and, ahem, watch more TV - but teachers don't understand this simple standpoint. "Do these equations," they say, and you cannot argue with them.

    1. I will just leave this comment as a monument to its own awesomeness.

  4. Sorry for being one of those people requiring comforting. I'll be fine soon. I promise.

    1. It's alright - I'm actually referring specifically to people at my school, whose old classmate died a couple of days ago. All very traumatic.

      Thus, I wish you a speedy feeling better, and another pledge of my support if you should need it.