Saturday, 16 February 2013

Attack of the Blog Awards

Yes, yes, another blog award within two weeks. I know - I'm being naughty. But, honestly, when the wonderful Liam tagged me, and left me such marvellous questions, who was I to say no?

The actual award is, according to him, the Shine On Award.

However, being rather pressed for time, not to mention very tired, I shall avoid the pain of having to hunt out the award's picture, or copy over the rules. We all know how these things work by now, anyway. Let's cut to the chase.

* * *

(1) Has a piece of music ever given you a headache?  If so, what was it?  If not, what was the closest thing?
Anything with excessive bass and / or techno-electronic overtones will do it for me. Especially if the beat is horrifically repetitive. I'll sit there, with my head pressed against the nearest solid surface, hoping the the artist's trousers are infested with fleas for the rest of eternity.
(2) Do you like pens, pencils, or word processor better?
I like to try and swap between them when I can, though I always hand-write with a pen - pencil leads snap far too easily. But, as I only use biro pens (I can't write with anything else due to the fact that my ingrained pen-holding technique means that I smudge ink all over the place), it's hardly a major sacrifice.
I like Word Processors best, though, because I'm one of those unfortunate souls who will suddenly have a brainwave for a chapter they wrote two weeks ago, and it's far easier to work in these spouts of genius when I don't have to tear pages out of notebooks.
Note: I'm still a terrible notebook hoarder. Because I'm sure I'll need them one day.
(3) Out of the last five books you’ve read, what character was your favorite?
Well, I've not been doing an awful lot of reading outside my school syllabus lately, but when I've had a spare moment I've been reading Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern" series (which are fantastic - an absolute must for any dragon enthusiast!) 
Of the myriad characters, I'd have to say my favourite has to be F'nor. Anyone who's read the books will know exactly why. To anyone else: wisecracking, easy-going, extremely competent, yet ridiculously unafraid of his terrifying brother and sister-in-law. His amazing girlfriend Brekke comes in a close second.
(4) Out of the last five movies you’ve seen, what character was your favorite?
I haven't watched a movie in so long . . . but suffice to say that the Thenardiers from "Les Miserables" will always have a special place in my heart. Not that I sympathise with thieves and child abusers - let's be honest, who really gives a toss about Cosette anyway? - but these two are just so utterly without morals, scruples, or backbone that they just make me laugh. And make me feel an awful lot better about my own occasionally squicky life choices.
(5) What’s your favorite genre to write?
Fantasy. Because I'm an obsessive worldbuilder, loremaker, ancient weapons enthusiast, and borker of the laws of nature. Because I do what I want.
(6) Is that your favorite genre to read?
This is a hard one - again, I'm a fantasy nut, because I love the detail and lore of the worlds (no better form of escapism, a mon avis). That said, I love a good sci-fi, provided the science element isn't too heavy, and my inner history nerd adores a good historical novel. And if it ain't got a few plot twists, you won't catch me sniffing it seriously.
To put it bluntly - anything with an adventure, an engaging cast of characters, a few delicious plot twists, and preferably some nice weapons for me to drool over.
(7) When was the last time you wished your library bought more good books, more often?
I actually cannot remember the last time I visited the library for a purpose other than ensconcing myself in a five-page essay. I have no idea.
(8) Do you write with music or not?
It depends. Some scenes demand my total concentration, and thus silence. But, sometimes, I like to have some music going in the background - mostly soundtracks that fit the mood of my novel. I fuelled the novel I just completed, my NaNovel "Ikarus", with the "Sherlock Holmes" film soundtrack . . . and some German sea shanties.
They are relevant. Honest.
(9) Do you outline?  If so, what method do you use?
I use what I call the "milestone" strategy. I'll set out a few key points in the story that I know need to be reached, or events that need to happen, and then let the story take itself there. Sometimes I will plan a scene out in advance, but only very rarely. I'm a very flexible plotter.
And no, this is not because I'm a creative free spirit who hates restrictions upon my genius. I just can't stick to outlines - even if I wanted to. They will always be tossed straight out of the window by the second or third chapter.
(10) About what book or movie are you the geekiest, especially in public?
Anything and everything Tolkien-related. Seriously. With "The Hobbit" suddenly spurring a resurgence in the fanbase, it's just too easy for people like me to get very excited. Because, let's face it, we've been very very dormant since "Return of the King" came out all those years ago. 
Fans shouldn't be repressed like that. It does things to us.
* * *
And there you have it, folks!
With regard to tagging and creating new questions, I'm also going to be a huge cop-out, namely because today and tomorrow promise to merge into a rush of travel and exhaustion, so I shall simply leave you to repeat Liam's lovely questions.
Who's tagged? Why, all of you who'd like to have a go! Because, let's be honest, we all enjoy these. Even if we really shouldn't.
I shall see you all soon!
~ Charley R


  1. Yes! Never repress fans! It is very dangerous (seriously now) and not healthy. Geekiness should not be condemned!

    Okay. I'm good now. A very fun post, I might add. But you seriously don't use the library?! My need converting. ;)

    1. Especially Tolkien fans. We're dangerous. And grumpy.

      I DO use the library, rather a lot! But I use it for a lot of work, because I don't have time to read for pleasure at school, heh heh.

  2. I hate it when people do open awards, because no one feels obligated. But it's all right for you, since you're rather busy. I think.

    I remember F'nor, and I remember hating the initial trilogy just for Jaxom. He's a jerk.

    Thank you so much for answering my questions! I'm pleased.

    1. Haha, you're welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

      Ah, you'vee read them, then? How many of the whole series, dare I ask? I've done All the Weyrs of Pern and The Skies of Pern, the Harper Hall books, and am currently attackng Moreta's Ride. Revision is eating my soul right now, though, so I'm not going very fast.

      Eh, Jaxon was alright - bit boring, though. Over-capable and more than slightly irritating sometimes (kept wishing Lessa or someone would just give him a smack to shut up on occasion). Liked Ruth, though. Clever and he knew it.

    2. I only read the first trilogy, actually. I didn't like the third book, so I didn't read further. Lessa was an interesting character, though.

  3. I felt obligated! :P Or maybe I just needed a really exciting excuse to actually sit down and blog something. So thanks for the questions, Liam!

    1. Hehehe, I shall be heading over to see your answers then!

  4. Obviously German sea shanties. Bet you're glad I introduce you to them :D

    I live in the library ... I don't understand how you manage to read without libraries. Libraries are awesome. FREE BOOKS.

  5. I'm glad to find another who dislikes Cosette! She's annoying! I'm like "Marius, fall in love with Eponine dangnammit!" and then she comes along all "oh hello there, I am blonde and I plait ribbons into my hair and wear white and my song has VERY high notes!" and he goes head over heels for her! I will always be Team Eponine (I'm not sure if that's a thing but if not it is now) - On My Own always has me in tears!
    ANYWAY, aside from Les Mis fangirling, this post made me laugh :) us fans should never be repressed, in the hiatus between re-reading Harry Potter and becoming a Blogger I didn't realise what was happening to me but now that I've met Potterheads online and seen multiple hilarious HP memes I've seen how deprived I was!