Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Charley R - A Radio Interview with BBC Solent

Alternative Title: In which Charley reveals her true identity as Poshy McPoshPants, Graduate of Posh University with First Degree of Utmost Poshery, Poshville, United Kingdoms of Posh.

Or sounds like it, anyway.

In other news, for those uninterested in hearing me mutilating extracts from St Mallory's Forever! perhaps I can mollify your ire by telling you this:

Paperback copies of St Mallory's Forever! are available, in print-on-demand paperback, worldwide* from Amazon!

* - UK, US, and other mainstream Amazon sites confirmed. Others may possibly, but not probably, be slower on the uptake.

Want your very own copy of St Mall's to grace your bookshelf, so you can point it out to relatives and say "I know the authors - mad as fish both of them"? Or are you one of the sadly deprived few who, without access to an e-reader, have not yet experienced the joys of the story?

Well, now you can.

Enjoy, everyone! And please do feel free to leave me creative descriptions of how hard my accent makes you laugh.

~ Charley R


  1. Fantastic! I love it. Sounds like you guys are off to a good start. If I may ask, how many words did the book come out to in the end?

  2. Honestly, I LOVE your accent. It's brilliant. If you read it as an audiobook... ;) YES. It would be good. I love the interviewer guy though, he seemed to emphasis the fact that your collaboration had only met (once!), and then not even all of you. ;) Aw, what can we say? We're just in the presence of genius, eh?!

  3. Thanks for the giggles! I laughed a lot at your posh title.

    Also, awesome interview! You sound very professional. (Not kinda crazy like you do on YouTube, haha!)

  4. BBC does its programming right, I must say! :D And of course, us Americans will listen to anything with a British accent.
    Great work, Charley!

  5. Hey Charley--sorry for the delayed reaction, but AWESOME radio interview! As I noted in my email, you sounded quite sure of yourself and not nervous in the least. Which is really impressive, since I'd probably sound like a huge ball of nerves if it were me. ;) And congratulations on the paperback release! You must be psyched!