Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Drunken Muse - a poem!

Hmm, it's been a long while since I've done poetry hasn't it? Anyway, here's my newest creation - not my usual style, but I'm rediscovering the joy of non-rhyming, hardly-structured, slightly demented conceptual poetry. Enjoy!

Drunken Muse

Drunken muse of mine, she’s got her
Bottles in her hand.
Deeper into madness,
Deeper into sin.

Slinky damosel, a temptress,
Giggling through a rum-sweet smile.

Oh drunken muse of mine, she rolls,
She flows, she knows whe’er she goes,
On tipsy Fancy’s arm or hanging
Round the neck of highest Wit,
She’ll drink ‘em till they both run dry and
Fall to pieces on the floor,
Like glass.

Another drink, she cries with glee,
She’ll take another shot tonight,
Shoot the rhyme and hang the plot tonight,
In the revelry,
On the high,
In the wine-stained devilry.
Of my drunken poetry.


  1. That's awesome - I hope you haven't been getting too drunk though ;D

  2. I've never been drunk in my life! xD