Monday, 16 May 2011

From Somewhere Beneath the Textbooks ...

Hello everyone! I've just started my GCSE exams! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
Though I'm loving all the free time I get for study leave, the idea of taking definitive exams that could change the course of my entire future and possibly result in me being rejected by all the universities and end up living out of a trash can is a wee bit daunting. It doesn't help that every other minute of my day is spent calming down my hyperventilating housemates.

So here, courtesy of Google, are some pictures that not only make me laugh like a hyena that swallowed a helium balloon, but reassure me that, no matter what, there is still some light of comedy in a cruel, textbook-infested world ...

 ^ When I grow up, I want to be as cool as the person who made that. ^

And finally ... MONTY PYTHON!!! :D


  1. Bleugh, GCSE's >_< i do not envy you, my friend. But in all fairness - they're not that bad. Yeah, they're a pain in the backside, and they're boring as heck, and then you have to go out into the big bad world afterwards, and... where was i going with this...?

    Oh right. Not that bad :P
    Nah, seriously. The actual exams are fine - its the annoyingness of waiting for your results afterwards... but then you can do a little dance of joy, because you actually did a lot better than you expected... and subsequently scar all your neighbours with your weird little boogie-down moves :P

    Tis fun. Honest! ;)

  2. Yesss, I'm thinking of that. And plotting a mass burn-in of all unwanted textbooks when the results come in, bahahahahaha! xD