Saturday, 21 January 2012

We're on the Weird Side of Plotting Again...

We've all been there: desperate to write something, but we honestly cannot think of what. Sometimes it's too many ideas at once, sometimes it's no ideas at all, and sometimes it's caffeine-related. It's a pain, but normally we can get out of it eventually - either by staring it down, or simply looking away and waiting for it to get bored and leave.

But sometimes we don't feel like being paragons of virtue and leaving it alone. Sometimes we want to kick the wretched conundrum into the middle of next week because WE NEED WORDS, CURSE IT!

So here, with the helps of, I have discovered five of the most weird, wonderful and downright giggle-snort inducing potential plots on the planet! 

To anyone who actually writes one of these for a blog post, I will personally publish a post all about it and tell the world how awesome you are.

Now ... send in the clowns!

1) A talkative cat must stop a towel and swallows the ideal significant other.

2) A geeky dancer must stop a monster from under the bed with the help of a kingdom.

3) A deranged doctor becomes another realm and swallows a monster from under the bed.

4) A fuzzy dog takes over the village and discovers the dishwasher.

5) A mysterious gargoyle disguises as a kingdom and discovers a mop.

Extra kudos to anyone who comes up with a believable method of allowing one to disguise oneself as a kingdom!

- Charley R


  1. Imagine if somebody used that website to get a plot for the book and somehow managed to get it published?

    Those plots are awful!

    1. Oh, aren't they just? But they're still hilarious - defeat a towel xD

  2. Number two sounds like one I could star in.... *whistles innocently*

    Hey, I end up doing that a LOT on your blog. I don't actually know how to whistle. MY COMMENTS ARE LIES!


    1. LOL, that's part of the reason I put it up here - I thought of you :)

      We all lie on blogs ... I can't giggle-snort very well without the help of lemonade and a particularly comfy chair, for example xD

    2. And I was thinking that I could star my husband in that one... Couldn't you make it a Kingdom of oh... white blood cells or something? *giggles*

      (I can't whistle either and sometimes I admit it other times I just *whistle* and then *giggle* :}

  3. How on earth do you "stop a towel"?! and more importantly, what from??? o_O

    Kirsty gets rather confused by Charley's blog posts, but also quite entertained at the same time ;P x

    1. Blame the site, not me. That's where I got all these from xD